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DONT RENT ME, OWN ME FOR LESS!!!Pros and Cons of Water Heater Rental as quoted from the Toronto Star article By Robb Engen, Special To The STAR Tues., June 10, 2014:"Direct Energy and Reliance have a shopping list of reasons why you should rent: An affordable monthly rate, convenient billing, same-day service if you have problems, no charge for parts and labour, and the peace of mind. In 2012, the federal Competition Bureau took action against both Direct Energy and Reliance, seeking penalties of $15 million and $10 million respectively for water heater return policies that were nearly impossible to break with aggressive retention tactics and stiff penalties."Reliance went on to be fined $5,000,000"Hi Friends,I've worked for both Union Gas and the largest Rental Water Heater/HVAC Company in Canada for 26 yrs and believe me, I know the Rental Water Heater Business "Inside and Out"!That's why I can sell you a BRAND NEW (Reliance refurbishes USED Tanks and puts them back out for Rental) Water Heater with $0 Down Payment and a 10 YR Parts and Labour Warranty, for 20% CHEAPER on average, than your current Monthly Payment, and you OWN it from Day 1!!!As we all know nothing these days lasts forever.Have you ever had an issue with your Rental Water Heater, only to have the first Technician come, (Big Rental Water Heater Companies use Contractors as well) only to find out he needs to order a part (that could be picked up in under 1hr the same day) and the Tank won't be repaired till tomorrow?The next Day you have a NEW Technician arrive to install the part. All is fine..... thank You!24 Hours Later...OH NO!!! No Hot Water again!!!Call that number,...push several buttons...placed on HOLD for 20mins...AGAIN!!GRRRRRR...A Different Technician arrives at your home later that day...Mt Hope Heating and Cooling brings "Big City Experience" and that "Small Town Friendly Service" to your HomeYou KNOW the Technician, we are a mere phone call away.Mt Hope Heating and Cooling Ltd. provides you with all the benefits of Renting;*FIXED Low Payment*Convenient Billing*10 YR Parts and Labour Warranty*Same Day Service*Peace of Mindall this and 20% CHEAPER THAN RENT !!!"Dare to Compare:Conventional Vent (Through a metal pipe)-40 Gallon - $1005.87 or try $0 Down Payment and $11.99/mnth OAC-50 Gallon - $1089.77 or try $0 Down Payment and $12.99/mnth OAC-60 Gallon - $1173.66 or try $0 Down Payment and $13.99/mnth OACPower Vent (Vents through the wall)-40 Gallon - $1677.01 or try $0 Down Payment and $19.99/mnth OAC-50 Gallon - $1844.80 or try $0 Down Payment and $21.99/mnth OAC-60 Gallon - $2012.58 or try $0 Down Payment and $23.99/mnth OAC*hst applies to all pricesALL Tanks come with a 10 YR Parts and Labour WarrantyWe RETURN your RENTAL Water Heater to RELIANCE and handle all the Paperwork!Call Mt Hope Heating and Cooling Today!!905-679-0101